System Performance Testing

The average HVAC unit in the United States runs at about 58% of capacity based on a sampling of over 10,000 homes.  This means that if you have a three ton air conditioner, you are only getting about 1.8 tons of cooling out of it.  This causes extended run times, higher utility bills, increased strain on your system leading to shortened life expectancy of the unit, uneven heating and cooling in different rooms, and poor airflow. The causes are many, from leaky ducts, undersized returns, dirty coils, restrictive air filters, convoluted supply duct routing, and many more.  So how can you determine how big a problem you have and what is causing it?  The answer is Performance Testing.

The employees at G+S Heating Air Energy Services have gone through extensive training and certification with National Comfort Institute.  Through that training they are certified in a variety of system performance testing to get to the root of your problems.

  • Residential HVAC System Performance
  • Residential Air Balancing
  • Duct System Optimization
  • Commercial System Performance
  • Combustion Performance & CO Safety

Have G+S come out and do a performance test on your system to make sure your investment lasts as long as possible and is performing as it should to give you the most comfort at the least cost.

For more information, get in touch with a G+S today about the performance testing services we provide. Call us today at 704-933-2256.

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