Duct Testing

Making time for duct testing is a critical part of preparing to install a new heating and cooling unit. There are several factors that duct testing can improve and the expense of duct testing pays for itself if it means avoiding energy loss, safety hazards, and other threats to HVAC performance.

Duct Regulation

As much as 10%-30% of heated or cooled air can be lost in poorly connected or deteriorated ductwork. A tight duct can retain temperatures and circulate air more efficiently than one with gaps or leaks. This means you will have a more effective HVAC system that can cool or heat your home in less time and for less money if you make repairs when you have the chance. All it takes is the decision to invest in duct testing.

Why is Duct Testing Important?

Inspecting the ductwork in your home or office is the best way to be sure there are no harmful pollutants or allergens built up that could be spread. These can threaten the safety of customers, employees, and tenants alike. Blocked ducts that contribute to poor ventilation also compromise the energy consumption of the unit. Ventilation is an important component of all heating and cooling units. Especially in the warmer or colder months when systems are working harder to regulate temperature and keep everyone comfortable, reliable duct work can make a huge difference in your energy bills and the even distribution of air throughout a home or office.

A qualified technician can perform a duct inspection and provide expert analysis regarding the viability of your duct system. Knowing that they can support your heating and cooling needs will provide peace of mind to concerned customers. For more information, get in touch with a G+S expert today about the Duct Testing plans we offer. Contact us online or call us today at 704-933-2256.

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