Ways Changing Your Air Filter Can Help You Save Energy This Spring

Who doesn't like to save money? Save green by being greener with a little help from expert energy services.

It's easy to overlook an air filter, but it's a key component to efficient energy services. What you can't see may be making your air quality less than ideal, but it's also hurting your wallet. Air filters are a relatively inexpensive way to keep your HVAC system running at its best. In extreme cases, the dirt and pollutants can even harm your system.

How Do Air Filters Work?

Air filters trap pollutants, like dust and dander, and prevent them from entering the HVAC system. When air filters get dirty or blocked, the system has to work harder. Usually every two to three months, filters need replacing. Families with pets or anyone who smokes may find that their filters get clogged even faster. Clean air filters will improve your HVAC efficiency and save you money. Your HVAC accounts for about half of your electric bill, so saving on efficiency is good for your bottom line.

But I Don't Want to Spend the Money

Hey, we get it. Air filters often seem like money for nothing. They look like cardboard with paper in the middle. But the money you spend on filters saves you in the long run. Maintaining your air filters reduces the need for expensive repairs. All that dirt and grime can get into your HVAC and cause bigger, more expensive problems. And, don't forget, you are saving on your electric bill when your system runs more efficiently.

How can you know if your system is running at its best?  Call us at 704-933-2256 to schedule an appointment with our energy services team.

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