Spring HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

HVAC maintenance checklist

Regular heating and air conditioning equipment maintenance can keep it running stronger and longer, making sure your home is comfortable year-round. Preventing frequent repairs and future AC problems is the goal of spring HVAC maintenance. Here’s what you’ll find on the typical maintenance checklist.

  • Check the refrigerant – refrigerant is necessary for your AC to provide cool air. If the refrigerant is low, your home won’t stay cool. Adding more and checking for leaks is part of the spring checklist.
  • Check and clean the condenser coil – the coil transfers heat out of your home for proper cooling. A dirty coil stops that transfer and means poor cooling.
  • Change the air filters – clean filters allow for proper airflow and increase energy efficiency.
  • Inspect moving parts – checking the belts and blower motor for wear and tear, loose bearings, or equipment issues is part of spring maintenance and can ensure proper system function.
  • Clear the drain line – flushing the drain line prevents future backups, which can lead to water damage around your HVAC unit.
  • Test the electrical – safety is a critical consideration with HVAC maintenance, including the electrical components. Testing the amperage on the motors, compressor, and capacitor helps ensure they keep running effectively and safely.
  • Inspect the ducts – your system can lose enormous energy through the ductwork. Checking for cracks and leaks is just part of it. Inspecting for dirt, debris, pests, and more is also part of the process.
  • Visual inspection and cleaning – general overall inspection and cleaning of the air conditioning unit is part of the checklist.

A well-maintained HVAC system will keep running effectively and efficiently with less potential need for repair. Contact G+S Heating and Air to find out about their spring HVAC maintenance plans and pricing to keep your system running right all summer long.

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