3 Tips to Save You Money During the Summer Months

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Summer HVAC energy efficiency is on most homeowners’ minds these days. Sometimes it is hard to decide whether to suffer in a warmer house or suffer when you get a high energy bill from running the AC continually. The good news is you don’t have to suffer at all. We’ve got three tips to save you money during the summer months without sacrificing your nice cool house.

Tip #1: Use Those Ceiling Fans!

If you have ceiling fans, they’re a great way to save money on keeping cool this summer. You don’t have to give up the AC, but the fans will help keep you cooler as they blow on you which allows you to keep the temperature setting a little bit higher. Make sure they rotate in a counterclockwise direction to push air downward, giving a cooling effect. As a result, you will feel cooler, and you’ll be able to use less air conditioning, saving you money on those monthly utility bills. Just be sure to turn the fan off when you leave the room, otherwise you’ll be wasting that energy you just saved.

Tip #2: Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

If you’re still setting and resetting an older model thermostat, it’s time for an upgrade. When you switch to a programmable or smart thermostat, you’ll be able to set the temperature to fit your lifestyle, and you won’t have to reset it manually every time you want it cooler or warmer. You’ll use significantly less energy to keep your home cool when your smart thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature, so you use less AC when you’re not home.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget HVAC Maintenance

One of the best ways to save money is with regular HVAC maintenance. When your system runs how it should, it will be more energy efficient, have a reduced likelihood of breakdowns, and will keep your home more consistently cool in the summer.

Don’t suffer through the summer in a sweltering house. You can have a cool, comfortable home and still save money. For more HVAC money-saving tips this summer, reach out to the heating and cooling pros at G+S Heating and Air.

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