3 Energy Efficiency Facts You Need to Know About

What's the big deal about energy efficiency? It seems to be all people talk about these days—and for good reasons. All buildings and structures rely on energy to run. But making greener choices can have a huge impact on both the environment and your wallet. Here are three facts you need to know:

  1. Going Green Will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint refers to the number of greenhouse gases your actions produce. Living a greener lifestyle is the best way to decrease your output. How can you do this? It's simple. Recycling, planting trees, and upgrading to Energy Star certified appliances are all great places to start. Even setting your air conditioner a few degrees higher in the summer will help.

  • Energy Efficient Homes Are Also Cost-Efficient

Do you dread opening your energy bill each month? If your home is inefficient, you're paying the utility company too much. Drafty rooms, single-pane windows, and poor insulation might be to blame. Simple changes, like switching to LED bulbs, adding curtains, or installing a smart thermostat, will ensure you keep more money in your pocket.

  • An Inefficient HVAC System Is an Energy Waster

Your HVAC system is a powerhouse. But too many people take it for granted until something goes wrong. Worn-out parts and leaking ducts require more energy. Scheduling regular maintenance is perhaps the best way to keep your home efficient and improve the system's lifespan. Tired of paying the utility company a small fortune each month? It's time to reduce your bill and your carbon footprint. Connect with G+S Heating Air Energy Services to learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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