Why Preventative Maintenance Makes Sense

Why Preventative Maintenance Makes Sense

Enroll in maintenance agreements for fast service and big deals.

Comparing maintenance agreements is like comparing apples to oranges. Every HVAC provider has a plan to offer with different features and benefits. Home and business owners throughout the Kannapolis area think the Energy Savings Agreement through G+S is one of the best. Check out the benefits you’ll get by enrolling today:

Pre-Season Checkups

Preventive maintenance calls are like sports physicals for your AC. It only makes sense to have one performed before the season begins. You need to make sure your system is ready for the brunt of the summer's heat. The stress of keeping your home cool as temperatures rise is enough to hobble the system if it's ill-prepared.

During pre-season checkups, your technician will clean your system’s components and check them for signs of failure or excess wear. Your tech will also change your filter and tighten and lube moving parts. This lowers resistance, making it easier and cheaper to cool your home all summer long.

Priority Service

When a heatwave hits, neglected AC units drop like flies. This leads to a backup in service dates. How long do you want to wait for cool, comfortable, conditioned air? Enrolling in an Energy Savings Agreement means you'll get first dibs when you call in. Repair technicians will head to your house before they go to the home of any non-members.

The same will be true of your home’s new owners should you sell your property mid-contract. While an affordable investment, the boost in value can provide buyers with just the convenience they’re hoping to find.

Repair Savings

In addition, enrollees receive 15 percent off standard repair rates.

They say prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s never truer than when dealing with a five-ton AC system.

Call our team at G+S Heating Air Energy Services at 704-933-2256 to enroll in one of the best maintenance agreements in the area.

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