Why Do People Use Humidifiers in Their Home?

Why do people use humidifiers in their homes? There are some great reasons to increase the moisture in your indoor air. Let’s look at the top four.

Reason #1: Your Skin

When the air in your home doesn’t have enough humidity, your skin can pay the prices. It’s about more than looking great - it’s also about the health of your skin. When the air is dry, your skin will be dry, which can lead to itching, scratching, flaking, and rashes.

Reason #2: Your Well-Being

Have you noticed that your throat feels scratchy and dry, or your sinuses irritated and inflamed? Those symptoms can be the result of too little humidity in the air. When the air is dry, it can affect your throat, vocal cords, lungs, nasal passages, sinuses, and more.

Reason #3: Your Health

Lots of bacteria and viruses thrive in dry air, such as the seasonal flu. The influenza virus lives longer with less humidity in the air. To help prevent the spread of these germs, bumping up the humidity can make a big difference.

Reason #4: Your Comfort

When the relative humidity in your home is where it should be in the cold winter months, your home will feel warmer. Dry air feels cooler because the lack of moisture leads to a lack of warm air retention. Running a humidifier with your heating system helps you use less heat and still have a more comfortable home.

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