What’s Lurking in Your Air Ducts? Here’s Why You Should Have Them Tested

Man Fixing Air Duct

Is it time for duct testing? If you have ever stopped to think about what may be lurking in your home’s air ducts, you know it can be an unsettling feeling. Testing your air ducts will give you an expert analysis of how the ducts perform as part of your HVAC system. You’ll also find out if there is a buildup of allergens or pollutants impacting your home's indoor air quality.

When to Schedule Duct Testing

Duct testing is critical when preparing your home for a new HVAC installation. The evaluation from qualified professionals will set up your new system for success and high efficiency. In addition, it helps you avoid common issues like safety hazards, energy loss, and poor HVAC performance.

Testing your air ducts is also necessary if you suspect your home’s indoor air quality is suffering. Technicians will inspect the ductwork to identify contaminants that are compromising indoor air quality and potentially putting you and your family at risk. Knowing what you are dealing with and having a plan to clean and repair the ductwork will put your mind at ease.   

Benefits of Duct Testing

Professional duct testing offers benefits that will help you save money in the long run while enjoying a more comfortable home environment. Top benefits include:

  • Identify air duct leaks that decrease HVAC efficiency.
  • Experience energy cost savings by cooling your home in less time and using less energy.
  • Catch and stop excessive wear and tear on your system that can lead to premature replacement.
  • Know what indoor air quality issues and contaminants exist so you can take action to keep your family safe.

Ready to schedule professional air duct testing to optimize your HVAC system, air quality, and home? The experts at G+S Heating and Air will perform the inspection and provide a detailed evaluation to give you the facts about your home’s duct system. Contact G+S Heating and Air to schedule duct testing now.

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