What to Do If Your Boiler Stops Working

Boilers are not as common as they used to be or as common as they are in other countries. They’re still around in some homes in the south, however. If yours is on the blink, here are some quick and easy steps to get it working again.

Check the Switch

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if the boiler switch is off, even accidentally, your system is going to be off. Check the switch at the boiler and the main switch to be sure it has power.

Check the Pressure

As boilers age, they experience a reduction in pressure. The pressure could also be low from another issue. Check the pressure gauge to see if it’s off or low.

Check the Pilot Light

As with gas-powered central heat, boilers also have pilot lights. If the pilot light is out, there’s nothing to ignite the gas to heat the water.

Check the Condensate Pipe

If the condensate pipe freezes and causes a blockage, the boiler will shut down. This is a built-in safety measure.

Check the Thermostat

If the boiler isn’t working, it could be the thermostat. A faulty or failing thermostat won’t send the right instructions to the heating system, and your heat won’t go on. Some of these boiler issues are easy to check and fix yourself, others require an HVAC professional. If you can’t tell why your boiler isn’t working or manage the repair yourself, it’s time for service by an HVAC technician. Contact the expert team at G+S Heating + Air to schedule a service call.

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