What Makes Our Qualified Technicians People You Want to Work With?

Find out how maintenance agreements keep you comfortable for less.

Maintenance agreements are a common tool HVAC service providers use to keep business flowing during slow times of the year. Why come out and admit the obvious? So you understand the real benefits. Sure, maintenance agreements are an upsell, but what does this mean for you as the consumer? Convenience, cost-savings and more comfort all year long.

The Convenience of Pre-Season Checks

Our Energy Savings Agreement includes two-system preventive service calls a year. In the fall, our friendly expert technicians will come out to assess your heating equipment to make sure it’s ready for cold weather. In the spring, we do the same for your cooling system.

These visits give us a chance to fix any problems before they cause a breakdown. It also means you’ll spend less on the work and avoid the discomfort of waiting for repairs. Our technicians work hard to make the entire process as convenient and hassle-free as possible for you.

Cost Savings

Most people never consider this part of a maintenance plan, but it’s one of the biggest benefits. You save on preventive maintenance visits when you bundle them into an agreement. You also save 15 percent off repair costs when you enroll with G + S. Finally, fine-tuning your heating and cooling equipment means you’ll burn less energy to keep your home comfortable, which leads to significantly lower bills year round. Our technicians do everything possible to save you money while keeping your climate control on point.

Increased Comfort

While our technicians won't try to sell you on new, improved air conditioners or furnaces whenever they visit, they might talk to you about relevant upgrades. Smart thermostats are all the rage. By using Wi-Fi and predictive programming, you can save quite a bit of money. Humidity control is also a popular new feature, as raising or lowering indoor air moisture can help you feel more comfortable without changing the temperature.

Ready to experience how maintenance agreements can improve your quality of life while lowering your day-to-day expenses? Contact our pros at G + S to enroll today. One call to our team and you’ll understand exactly why our qualified technicians are the people you want on the job.

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