What Makes a “Smart Thermostat” Smart?

Learn why smart thermostats are among the most lucrative heating and air conditioning upgrades available today.

Heating and air conditioning make up the majority of your energy costs. Using a programmable thermostat can take a chunk out of one of your biggest monthly bills. Unfortunately, only around 10 percent of homeowners know how to use programmable features. New smart thermostats make programming as simple as possible. In some cases, they do the work for you.

If you are ready to take your home’s climate control to the next level, you’ll want to know about these convenient and cost-saving benefits. Discover the coolest new features of smart thermostats:

Remote Access

Are the kids home with their friends while you're at work? Make sure they aren't cranking the AC through the roof with mobile access. You can set your comfort parameters from anywhere with Wi-Fi.


Always turn the temp down when you get up in the morning? After a few days, you can trust your smart thermostat to do it for you with new predictability features. Some even take precipitation and humidity into account.

Human Detection

Set your programmable features by the hour? Pfft. Child’s play! Today’s smart thermostats can adjust themselves based on whether anyone is home, so you don’t have to worry about sticking to a rigid schedule. They can even distinguish between humans and other living things, like the family pet.

Take advantage of the latest cost-saving heating and air conditioning equipment on the market. Contact our friendly expert team at G + S Heating, Air and Energy Services to discuss the upgrades best for your budget.

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