Turning Your Heater Off Until Next Winter? Don’t Forget These Important Steps

A woman's finger pressing the button to turn off a heater.

It’s almost spring! Time to turn your heat off for summer, but not before following these steps.

Spring is right around the corner, with summer hot on its heels, which means it’s almost time to turn off your heating system until next winter. It seems easy enough! But don’t neglect these simple steps to prep it for a long summer of disuse.

Step 1: Turn the Furnace Off

When shutting down the furnace, it’s important to remember to change the setting on your thermostat to “cool,” so you don’t have to worry about accidentally turning the heat on.

Step 2: Safeguard the Heating Equipment

It’s a good idea to protect the furnace, even when not in use. Make sure to keep the area around the system clear. Don’t use the area for storage or rest items near or against the equipment. You probably won’t remember the items are up against it when it comes time to turn it back on next year.

Step 3: Put Maintenance on the Calendar

Summer is the perfect time of year to schedule your seasonal HVAC maintenance to prep your heating system for winter. It’s hard to imagine fall maintenance when we’re creeping toward spring. It’s beneficial to schedule it ahead of time or put a reminder on your calendar now. This will help ensure your furnace gets the attention it needs before the weather cools off again when summer and fall wrap up.

If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to shutting down your heating system for the summer, reach out to the pros at G+S Heating and Air. They can help you with all your HVAC needs year-round.

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