Tips for Cooling Your Two-Story Home During the Summer

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Are you looking for ways to maximize air conditioning for your two-story home this summer? We’ve got you covered. According to Realtor Magazine, 58% of homes in the United States are two-story houses. Since heat rises, this can pose some unique challenges when trying to keep the second floor comfortable in summer. Read on for some great ideas to keep your family comfy.

Think Physics

Hot air rises, and cool air falls. If your thermostat is on the first floor of your house, the second floor may be at least 5 degrees warmer. Consider adding a window air conditioner to upstairs rooms that get particularly hot. Properly located, it can really help regulate the temperature.

Ceiling Fans

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, ceiling fans are great for moving the air around and creating a “wind chill” effect on your skin – essentially cooling you off as many as 5 degrees. Additionally, a well-placed downstairs standing fan can direct the flow of colder air towards the upstairs, creating a more uniform temperature throughout the house.

Consider Adding Zones

If you are ready to upgrade or replace your HVAC system, consider adding zones to the unit so that separate thermostats can correctly gauge the temperature at different levels of the house.

Close Those Shades

It’s likely that second-floor windows are more affected by direct sunlight during the day, causing the rooms to get warmer. Close the blinds and curtains as soon as the sun hits the windows to keep radiant heat out.

Troubleshooting your home’s air conditioning for ways to keep it cool can save your family money in energy costs during the warm summer months. For help with your HVAC system, contact the comfort specialists at G+S Energy Services today.

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