The Anatomy of a Thermostat: Where Your Thermostat Issues Could Be

Will troubleshooting your thermostat really save you money?

Troubleshooting HVAC issues might save you a service call, especially when you’re dealing with a thermostat issue. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell. The right HVAC company will often walk you through the problem and try to provide troubleshooting assistance before making the house call if you prefer. If you’re struggling to stay comfortable at night or on the weekend because your HVAC isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, these troubleshooting tips might help:

1) Test the Electrical Connection

By far, power issues are thermostats’ most common problems. You can check to see if your thermostat is working in a few different ways

Check the fuse or breaker supplying electricity to your thermostat. For thermostats using batteries, check the display to make sure there's no low-power warning light. Finally, move your thermostat to "fan-on" mode, and the fan should begin turning.

2) Remove the Faceplate

A digital thermostat might be displaying numbers correctly but doing nothing to control the air conditioner or furnace. One way to check if something is wrong with the thermostat is by removing the faceplate while the HVAC unit has power; however, this is a troubleshooting step you may want to leave to the pros. The base will stay attached to the wall. It contains five signal wires in red, green, blue, yellow and white. Using a piece of wire with the tips exposed or a pair of pliers, touch the screws next to the red and green wires. If the fan kicks on, you should replace the faceplate.

3) Call a Professional

Unfortunately, you can damage certain components of your HVAC system by checking all of the wires from the thermostat base. If controls still aren’t working once you’ve confirmed the unit has power and the faceplate is operating, it’s best to call in a pro.

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