The 3 Secrets About Household HVAC Units Only a Handful of People Know

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It’s no secret that we all love and need our heating and air conditioning. But there are some secrets about household HVAC units only a handful of people know. We’re about to uncover three of them.

Secret #1: Refrigerant Does Not Need Recharging

The refrigerant that allows your AC to cool your house lasts forever. The only reason you might need new refrigerant is if you have a leak. Don’t let any two-bit HVAC company tell you that your air conditioning system and its refrigerant need recharging. A reliable company will know if and when a refrigerant leak is present and how to repair it.

Secret #2: Size Does Matter

A smaller HVAC unit might be less expensive to purchase, but it’s going to cost you more to run. And a larger system might seem like a great idea, even if it costs more, but it will also be less efficient than the right-sized unit. The size of your home will determine the size HVAC unit you need. Your HVAC technician can help you make the right decision when it comes to equipment size.

Secret #3: A Maintenance Agreement is a Great Investment

Many homeowners assume a maintenance agreement or service plan is a scheme by HVAC companies to get more money out of them. The secret is that a maintenance plan is one of the best ways to get the most out of your HVAC system and an excellent way to save money on your heating and cooling.

There’s no secret that we all want comfortable homes and reliable HVAC systems. To uncover more secrets about how to get the most from your heating and air conditioning, contact the pros at G+S Heating Air Energy Services today.

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