Tell-Tale Signs That Your HVAC Needs a Check-Up

How can maintenance agreements add years to your system’s life?

The popularity of maintenance agreements is on the rise. Why? Home and business owners know preventive maintenance saves big money when it comes to keeping HVAC equipment in working order. Forgetting a pre-season check leads to wasted money and breakdowns. By enrolling in an Energy Savings Agreement, you will save on pre-season checks and receive discounts and service perks.

Here are a few signs now is the perfect time to join:

Your energy bills are on the rise

One of the most common reasons behind rising energy bills is a dirty filter. The dirtier it gets, the more resistance builds up. Your system needs to use more energy to push air through the system. We can work with you on installing the best filters for your HVAC system and establishing the best filter changing schedule for the brand of filter you choose.

Your system sounds funny

Rattles, bumps and whines are all signs of damage in the making. During a preventive maintenance visit, the technician checks mechanical components for problems. You can forego expensive repairs by fixing issues when they’re small. More importantly, the tech lubes and tightens moving parts, avoiding most situations that cause these odd noises.

You’re uncomfortable

Preventive maintenance improves your HVAC system’s performance. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping you cool, there’s a problem. A technician will help identify what it is and solve the problem before a breakdown.

Maintenance agreements make preventive maintenance visits easy and affordable. Contact G + S to sign up for an Energy Savings Agreement today.

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