Seven Tips to Stay Warm While Saving Money This Winter


What you need for the new year are easy energy services tips to stay warm while saving money. Keeping your home comfortable in winter is one of the most significant expenses that homeowners face. Here are seven tips to help you heat your home and save money in the process.

1: Insulate

Seal drafts around doors and windows to keep cold air outBe sure to close the damper when a fireplace is not in useAdd an attic blanketSeal HVAC ductingTurn off bathroom and kitchen fans after use to minimize loss of heat

2: Utilize Natural Warmth

Let in the daytime sun to warm up the houseClose drapes at night to form a barrier against cold airAdd extra blankets to bedsUse hot water bottles or microwaveable bed warmers

3: Thermostat Management

Lower the thermostat a few degrees (wear a sweater!)Lower the temperature by 10 degrees at nightInstall a programmable thermostat

4: Reverse Ceiling Fans

Reverse the fans to draw heat from the ceiling into the room

5: Add Humidity

Use a humidifier to combat dryness and warm up a roomAir with higher relative humidity feels warmer so you can lower your thermostat without sacrificing comfort

6: Maintain HVAC Equipment

Conduct an energy audit of your homeChange furnace filters monthly or as neededSchedule a semi-annual service call for your furnace
The experts at G+S Heating Air Energy Services are available to answer all of your heating questions. Contact our energy services team today for more information on staying warm while saving money this winter.

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