Split System vs. Packaged System: Which HVAC Is Best for You?

Get an expert’s take on the best heating and air conditioning equipment for your home.

Deciding which heating and air conditioning equipment to buy takes more than comparing cost. An HVAC expert can help you find the best system for your home and answer any questions you have, including whether a split or packaged system is best for your needs and budget.

What Is a Split System?

As the name implies, a split system has two parts. The inside unit has an air filter, handler, and evaporator coil. These often pair with a heating system. The HVAC installer will place the outdoor unit on a slab or on the roof. It contains the condenser, compressor and fan.

Split systems offer excellent energy efficiency ratings, up to SEER 20, and come with optional features, like air filtration and humidity control. They also provide a more even distribution of air throughout the home since you can place the inside unit in a central location. The primary disadvantage is the fact that you will have two components to maintain and two components for which you will need to find the right space inside and outside of the home.

What Is a Packaged System?

With a packaged system, everything is within one cabinet. Like the exterior split-system unit, it’s placed outside on a slab or on the roof. It's common to add a heating element if it is a packaged heat pump.

Packaged systems offer easier installation and access for maintenance and repair. They’re perfect for small homes without a lot of room for installation of equipment indoors. They work well when a customer’s home has a low crawlspace that prevents the furnace or air handler from being able to fit under the house.

Paired with new thermostats, air filtration, humidity control and other features, your new, improved HVAC system can provide you with more comfort all year for less.

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