Should I Be Changing My Air Filters More Often in the Summer?

Most energy services professionals will tell you that it’s critical to change your air filter regularly. Why? Because it saves energy, helps your system run more effectively, and helps improve your indoor air quality. But should you be changing the filter more often in the summer? The answer is yes. Take a look at the reasons why.

More Use

In the south, where the winter is mild, but the summers are hot, your air conditioner will run more than your heating system. The cycles are longer and more frequent, meaning more air gets circulated through the air filter and your HVAC equipment. More use means the filter gets dirty more often. Changing it every month will keep your equipment running right.

More Airborne Pollutants

In the summer, you have to deal with many more airborne pollutants than in the winter. You’ve got pollen, mold, and dust in abundance in the hotter months. Changing your air filter more frequently will help remove them from the air that circulates in your home, improving your indoor air quality and cutting down on allergy symptoms in the process.

Summer Humidity

The air is more humid in the summer, creating different challenges for your HVAC system and your air filter. The additional moisture means more bacteria, as well as increased mold growth. The humidity also has an impact on the effectiveness of your filter. Keeping the filter clean and dry will help keep it doing its job.

Your air filter is the gateway to your HVAC system. Keeping it clean will make your system more efficient and more effective. For more energy services tips for maintaining your cooling system this summer, reach out to the pros at G+S Heating Air Energy Services today.

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