Should I Bump Up the Thermostat or Use a Space Heater?

space heater vs. turning up the heat

Space heater vs. turning up the heat, which is better? If you’re wondering if you should bump up the heat or plug in a space heater, you’ve come to the right place. We have the lowdown on the heating source showdown.

What’s the Best Way to Heat Your Home?

If you have a furnace with central heat, you know that sometimes it’s not enough. In the spring, there are still cool days even as the temperatures start to rise, and in the fall the nights cool off even if the days are still warm. So, what’s the best source of heat when you just need a little bump? A space heater might seem like a great option to warm up a room or two instead of turning up the heat in the whole house, but it might not be the most efficient choice.

Which is More Efficient?

The goal of adding space heaters is often to make a home warmer while spending less money on heat. But is this the best way to heat your home? It might not be. The truth is that space heaters are generally less efficient than central heat. So, if you try to make your home warmer by adding space heaters instead of resetting the thermostat, you could increase your energy bill instead of doing the opposite.

If you’re still concerned about the better choice, a space heater vs. turning up the heat, it’s time to reach out to the pros. Contact G+S Heating and Air for all of your heating and air conditioning questions and concerns.

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