2 Smart Ways to Save Energy and Cut Costs During the Winter


Everyone wants to spend less during the year, and our energy services professionals have some tips you can use now. During the winter months, and especially around the holidays, it’s not uncommon to have an eye on your budget. Here are two smart ways you can save energy and cut costs this season.

#1: HVAC Maintenance Plan

When was the last time an HVAC technician serviced your heating and cooling system? If you can’t remember, it’s long overdue. Twice-yearly maintenance can ensure your system is running as it should. When your system gets the attention it needs, it can run more smoothly, use less energy, and have a reduced chance of breakdown. You’ll save money on your energy bills and costly repairs.

#2: Have Your HVAC Inspected

If money’s tight and you don’t want to invest in a twice yearly maintenance plan, then at least go for a one time inspection. An inspection will check a number of your HVAC system’s functions to be sure it’s running as efficiently as it can. The technician will be able to tell when you’re using the most energy and can teach you how to run your heat or air conditioning the right way at the right time to get the most out of it. You’ll have a more comfortable home while using less energy.

When your HVAC system is running as it should, it will use less energy, and you’ll save money on your monthly utility bills. It’s a win-win! For more ideas on how you can save energy and cut costs this winter, talk to the energy services experts at G+S Heating Air Energy Services.

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