Prepare Your AC Unit for the Hottest Month of the Year with Preventative Maintenance

Have you considered how preventative maintenance can get your AC ready to do its job during the hottest month of the year? There’s no hiding from the heat and humidity as we progress through the summer months. If you look forward to coming home to a nice, cool house, be sure your AC is ready to handle the heat. Here’s how preventative maintenance will prep your air conditioning system for the steamy days to come.

Greater Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of AC maintenance is improved efficiency. Scheduling preventative maintenance means an HVAC tech will clean your AC, including the exterior condenser coil as well as the fan blades, blower motor, condensate drain, and the drain lines. When your air conditioner is clean, it will run more efficiently and save you money on energy costs.

More Effective Cooling

Professional AC service includes testing, inspecting, and calibrating the cooling equipment. Amping your compressor, capacitor, and motors are just part of the tasks involved. Your HVAC system will run more effectively when it’s running as it should. A qualified HVAC tech will ensure everything is running at peak performance to help your home stay cool on even the hottest days.

Avoid AC Breakdowns

No homeowner wants to deal with an air conditioner malfunction during a scorching summer day. When you invest in a professional maintenance plan, you will have peace of mind, knowing your system has all the tune-ups necessary to prevent inconvenient and costly breakdowns. An experienced HVAC technician will catch minor issues, such as weak capacitors, before they become major problems at the worst time possible.

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