New Year, New Commercial HVAC Unit?

Tips to Avoid an HVAC Emergency This Summer

The best resource for determining if your commercial HVAC system is ready for retirement is your commercial services team. If you’re ready to start 2021 with increased comfort for your employees, it could mean a heating and cooling upgrade. Here’s how to tell if a new year means a new HVAC unit.

So Many Repairs

Did you spend more money on HVAC repairs in 2020 than was in your budget? Excessive repairs are a sign that your heating and cooling system aren’t operating as well as they should. When repairs become more and more frequent, it could be time for a new unit.

Bills Getting Higher and Higher

How do your utility bills look lately? If your heating and cooling costs keep going up and up and up, it could mean you’d be better off with a new high-efficiency model for your HVAC system. Recently manufactured equipment is significantly more energy-efficient than older units.

The System is Over the Hill

The age of your commercial HVAC unit plays a big part in your decision to invest in a new one. Most commercial systems last around 15 years on average. If yours is reaching that milestone or is beyond it, it’s time to talk about an upgrade. You’ll get more temperature consistency, increased energy efficiency, and fewer breakdowns with a new model.

If you’re ready to up your heating and cooling game, talk to the pros before you make any decisions. Contact the commercial services team at G+S Heating Air Energy Services for installation you can rely on and brands you can trust.

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