Maximize HVAC System Efficiency: 4 Tips

Maximize HVAC system efficiency

Are summer cooling bills getting you down? You can’t go without air conditioning in the hot southern summer weather, but it’s hard to stomach the rising energy bills. There are ways to manage your energy efficiency, lower your utility bills, and stay cool. Maximizing your HVAC system efficiency in the summer comes down to following some tips from the pros. Here are four of our favorites.

Tip #1: Start with Your Air Filter

The easiest and cheapest way to boost your AC’s energy efficiency is by changing the HVAC air filter. When you have a clogged filter, your AC must pull air through all that dust and dirt. Imagine breathing through a thick wool blanket. You must work hard to get the air through, and same goes for your HVAC system trying to pull air through a dirty filter. Changing the air filters every 30-90 days means your system can run as it should without using excess energy to do the same job. You’ll have a more consistently cool home, and your energy bills won’t skyrocket in the process.

Tip #2: Program Your Thermostat

Take advantage of the programming capability of your thermostat. If you don’t have one with current programming and smart technology, it’s time to upgrade. Incorporating programming into your summer cooling can help you save money on your cooling bills. Programming can include:

  • Turning the temperature warmer when you’re away from home for work or vacation.
  • Keeping it warmer at night when it cools off outside.
  • Adjusting it to maximize efficiency.

Instead of manually resetting the temperature over and over throughout the day, set it to adjust automatically so you won’t have to remember to reset it. You’ll use less energy, save money on your cooling, and have a comfortable house to fit your schedule.

Tip #3: Use Those Ceiling Fans

Many homes in the South have ceiling fans, but we sometimes forget to take advantage of them. Ensure they rotate counterclockwise in the summer to push air down into the room. That extra air creates a windchill effect, making the room feel cooler, so you don’t have to use as much air conditioning. And the amount of energy required to run a few ceiling fans is significantly less than to run your air conditioning system.

Tip #4: Schedule an HVAC Inspection

We rely heavily on our heating and cooling systems to keep us comfortable and safe, but sometimes the costs feel like a budget buster. One of the most important ways to optimize your heating and air conditioning performance in the summer and winter is by scheduling an inspection by a licensed HVAC professional. Identifying potential problems before they turn into costly issues is just part of what happens during an inspection. Your technician will also ensure the system runs how it should, is clean, tested for safety, and calibrated to function efficiently.

Instead of watching your energy bills increase as the summer cooling season progresses, use some of these simple tips to maximize your HVAC system efficiency. Contact the experienced team at G+S Heating and Air to learn more and schedule your HVAC inspection.

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