HVAC Horrors to Keep an Eye out for This Halloween

Haunted by these heating and air conditioning problems? Find out what you can do.

Avoid having a House of Horrors with these heating and air conditioning tips from the experts. Temperature changes sometimes create problems for your HVAC system, but you don’t have to accept defeat. We’ll cover the most common nightmares here and show you what you can do:

Your Furnace Is Shrieking

While it might sound like evil is afoot, the high-pitched wail coming from your furnace is probably a worn belt. It’s an easy, affordable fix. Still, if you’re not an HVAC professional, it might be best to call a professional to perform the work.

Something Inside It Is Scraping

We promise. There are no monsters in your furnace trying to get out. Most likely, the ball bearings have just worn out. You’ll need to shut down your unit and get a professional out to fix them as soon as possible.

Your HVAC Won’t Stop Rattling and Rumbling

Loose components inside your furnace cause vibration. The looser they are, the louder they get. A technician will lube and tighten moving pieces and check your system for worn components you should replace as part of a fall preventive maintenance visit. Unfortunately, if something breaks or becomes too loose, it can wind up breaking other parts of your heating system. It’s best to shut your furnace off and call a repair service for a phone consultation.

Your Heat Pump Is Icing Over

Finding your heat pump’s outdoor unit covered in a layer of ice is unnerving in any season, but especially so in an area known for warmer weather. Most often this happens once winter is in full swing and there is debris blocking airflow around the unit.

Try to clear them away and see if your heat pump begins working differently. Unfortunately, icing up during normal fall weather is a sign the unit isn’t defrosting. A bad switch or sensor could be to blame, so be sure to call a reliable repair shop for more information.

Experiencing some HVAC fright? It’s time to schedule a service call with our heating and air conditioning pros at G+S now.

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