How to Tell if Your HVAC Unit Needs to Be Checked

Everything in your home needs some TLC from time to time, and that includes your heating and air conditioning system. Here are some tried and true ways to tell if your HVAC unit needs checking.

Your House Doesn’t Feel Comfortable

If your home doesn’t feel as cool in the summer or warm in the winter as it should, it could mean your HVAC system is due for a checkup. One of the first signs it’s not operating the way it should is inconsistent temperatures and poor performance.

Strange Noises

Are you hearing any strange squeaks, bangs, pops, or squeals from your heat or AC? If yes, that’s never a good sign. It might be something minor, but it requires an assessment from an HVAC technician.

Increasing Energy Bills

Are your energy bills steadily increasing month over month? If nothing has changed as far as your energy use goes, it’s important to look at your HVAC unit. It could be the culprit. Having it checked could reveal the problem.

It’s Been a Long Time Since its Last Service

If you can’t remember the last time your system had service, it’s a great reason to schedule one. Regular checks, inspections, and maintenance can ensure your system runs more effectively and efficiently.

Do you know what to look for when it comes to your heating and air conditioning unit? Getting your system checked is critical to making sure there aren’t any issues and to avoid future breakdowns. Contact the team at G+S Energy Services today to schedule maintenance or a service call for your HVAC unit.

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