How to Keep Your Holiday Guests Comfy

Discover the benefits of HVAC maintenance agreements as well as the easiest ways to keep your favorite people comfortable this holiday season.

maintenance agreement for your HVAC system is one way to keep your guests comfy this holiday season. Take a look at some other ways to make them happy in your home when they come to visit.

Inconsistent Temperatures = Grumpy Guests

If your heating system can’t keep up with demand during the holidays when you have family in town, it could mean grumpy guests. This happens most often with an HVAC isn’t properly maintained. It sets it up for letting you down when you need it most. Regular maintenance can make sure your heating system runs as it should, when it should, as much as you need it. Service in the fall means happy guests during the holidays.

A Smart Thermostat Is a Sign of a Smart Host

When the house is full of family, it’s easy to forget the impact that can have on how your home needs heating. A smart thermostat can be just the ticket. You can program it to adjust to your holiday comings and goings, the various needs of your guests, and the comfort level you want at any given time during the festivities. It can also let you adjust the temperature anytime, from anywhere, just by using an app on your smartphone. Smart, huh?

Check Your Air Filter

This might seem like a random suggestion, but it can have a big impact on the comfort level of your guests. The air filter can make a big difference in your indoor air quality, and when it’s clean, it will keep the air cleaner. It also plays a big part in how well your heating system functions. A clogged filter will make your HVAC work overtime to try to keep up with demand, which could cause inconsistent temperatures and not enough heat to keep you and your family comfy.

Comfy guests make for a happy host during the holidays. Investing in your HVAC system with upgrades, service, and a maintenance agreement from our team at G+S can make sure that happens. Contact our experts today for all you need to know.

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