How to Clean and Inspect Your AC Unit After Summer Storms

Once a summer storm blows through your neighborhood, you may be wondering how to care for your AC unit. Did it experience damage from heavy wind or rain? Did it suffer from a bolt of electricity? Taking some time to clean and inspect the unit will help you identify any problems and put your mind at ease.

The Storm Is Over—Now What?

The high winds die down. The thunder and lightning stop. But now you are worried something might be wrong with the AC. The first thing to keep in mind is safety. Always take great care when it comes to electricity and water. Also, if you notice any downed powerlines, it’s always in your best interests to contact your electrical company first.

For minor summer storms without electrical issues, you can safely perform cleaning and inspection of the unit to identify and prevent future problems.  

Post-Storm AC Cleaning

Removing fallen limbs and other debris from on or around the outdoor unit is an important post-storm cleaning step. Use a water hose to spray down the unit, washing away leaves, grass, and dirt accumulation that result from a windy situation during a storm. Removing any tree limbs and other debris within two feet of the unit will prevent unwanted items from blowing back into the condenser.

Post-Storm AC Inspection

If you are concerned your AC unit has sustained significant damage during the storm, it’s best to contact a trusted HVAC technician. If you’d like to perform a general inspection first, here are the steps to take:

  • If the AC stops working, check for a tripped circuit breaker. You can flip it back to the "on" position," turn off the thermostat, and let the AC reset before turning it back on.
  • Check the capacitor. If it has suffered damage, it may be leaking or have a visible bulge on the top. You can find this cylinder-shaped part by looking inside the panel on the outdoor unit.
  • Check the fan. If it seems to be running slowly or not at all, the AC will have to work too hard to cool your home.

Not sure what is going on with your AC after a summer storm? Contact the experienced team at G+S Energy Services to provide a post-storm AC inspection or repair.

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