The First 3 Things to Check Before Calling an HVAC Technician

We rely on our heating and cooling systems year-round, so what do we do if something’s not right? We do some troubleshooting. Take a look at three things you can check before calling in an HVAC technician.

1: Always Start with the Air Filter

The air filter has a huge impact on how your heating and air conditioning systems run. If it’s clogged, the system won’t run right. It will have to work harder to pull in air, which can cause it to overheat. If your cooling or heating aren’t running like they should, start by checking and changing the air filter.

2: Check the Thermostat

It’s really easy to change the setting on your thermostat and forget to change it back. If the temperature in your house is too hot or too cool, check the thermostat setting. Make sure it’s where you want it and that you set it to “auto” and not on, off, or fan.

3: Check the Power

Is the heat or cool off? It could be a power issue. Check to be sure you don’t have a blown fuse or breaker. If those check out, be sure there’s power to the unit itself. Make sure the pilot light hasn’t gone out, and make sure there is power to the thermostat.

There are often some simple troubleshooting steps that can help you find the cause of an HVAC issue. If none of those steps helps resolve the problem, it’s time to call an HVAC technician. G+S Heating Air Energy has got your back for all of your HVAC needs.

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