Fall is Here with Chilly Days Ahead. Prep Your Heating System Now

HVAC unit in fall

Is HVAC maintenance on your fall to-do list? Here’s why it should be.

Can you keep your house nice and cozy with something as simple as HVAC maintenance? We’re about to show you how prepping your heating system now can help keep you warm on those chilly fall and winter days.

Why Does Your Heating System Need Fall Maintenance?

Your air conditioner has been chugging along all summer long, keeping you nice and cool while your heating system sits idle. Before cooler weather kicks in, HVAC maintenance is a critical step in prepping it for keeping your home warm. Maintenance is vital to a system functioning at peak performance. Not only will it ensure your furnace or heating system runs right, but it also cuts down on costly repairs by catching any small problems before they become big ones. You’ll also have a more energy-efficient system when it’s cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted to run effectively.

What Happens During HVAC Maintenance?

Fall heating system maintenance covers all the components and equipment that help keep your home warm in the fall and winter. The checklist generally includes:

  • Inspect the pulleys and belts to ensure proper function and check for damage from wear and tear.
  • Check and calibrate the thermostat so you know the programming and temperature settings are accurate and working as they should.
  • Check the blower fans, including cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting the parts, so your system doesn’t break down.
  • Inspect the electrical to make sure wires and connections are intact.

Is your heating system ready for the chilly days ahead? It might be early fall, but the cooler weather is coming. Reach out to G+S Heating and Air for HVAC repair and maintenance you can count on to keep your home comfortable this winter.

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