Fall HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Know the best troubleshooting tricks to get your heating equipment up and running?

“Troubleshooting” makes heating and cooling solutions sound like the Old West, but there’s nothing dangerous about it. The following are safe and effective ways to determine why a system isn’t running the way it should. Sometimes, there are free, easy fixes homeowners can perform on their own. At other times, it’s important to call in a professional.

Low Blow

Whether your furnace won’t turn on or it’s blowing cold air, air flow could be the problem. Change the filter and make sure there isn’t a buildup of debris in the blower or other components. If the interior checks out, inspect the intake tubing. These normally are long sections of PVC piping bringing fresh air into the unit if you have a 90%+ efficient furnace. Sometimes, these tubes get blocked outside at the entry or at the point where they connect with the furnace. Check both ends of the pipe for obstructions. You might find it’s packed with leaves.

Power Struggles

Does your heat pump or furnace have its own fuse or breaker? Now that you think about it, do you even know? The heating and cooling system sometimes has its own electricity source away from the main electrical panel, usually in a light fixture above the unit or in a small breaker panel nearby. Make sure the breakers haven’t tripped and you haven’t accidentally bumped the power switch at the unit searching for those Halloween costumes in the attic.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Is your heat pump running non-stop, regardless of how warm it is outside? This is a common problem and often has a quick, easy and affordable solution. Some homeowners mistakenly think they need to change the fan setting on their heat pump as their needs for cool or heated air change. Instead, they wind up switching their unit to “emergency” mode. All this does is turn on the emergency backup heater, fueled 100 percent by electricity. The solution? Turn it back to the auto setting and allow your unit to get to work.

When troubleshooting doesn’t solve your problems, schedule a service call with our expert team at G + S Heating, Air and Energy Services.

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