Does The Brand of Your HVAC System Matter?

HVAC replacement

Does the brand matter when you’re considering HVAC replacement? The answer is yes, so make sure you know the best brand of HVAC system for your home. Here’s some valuable info from the pros before you start to shop for your HVAC replacement.

Track Record

You can buy any HVAC system for a deep discount price, but if you’re choosing a generic brand based on price, you’re missing a critical consideration – proven performance. A company’s track record speaks volumes about its quality, with everything from clothing to cars. The same holds true for heating and air conditioning equipment. Choose a brand with years of evidence that they manufacture and sell quality equipment that you can rely on.

Warranties and Support

Choosing the cheapest HVAC model might cost you significantly more in the long run. Off-brand or little-known manufacturers may not offer the warranty you’re hoping for and should expect, not to mention a lack of support for the life of the equipment. You could end up paying for repeated repairs, excess service calls, and another HVAC replacement should the non-name-brand equipment give up the ghost before the anticipated lifetime of a name-brand unit.


Choosing the best brand of HVAC system for your home is a top priority to ensure performance and longevity. However, there’s something else that is just as critical – installation. Quality installation is the thing that will ensure your top-of-the-line system performs as it should when it should.

For a reputable HVAC company with quality service and installation and the best brands for your HVAC replacement, contact G+S Heating and Air today. 

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