3 Benefits of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

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Nothing is worse on a hot, humid summer day than to come home to a house that also feels sticky, even with your heating and air conditioning system in full swing. The air conditioner might be humming along, but the humidity in your home could be too high. What’s the answer? A whole-home dehumidifier could be just the ticket. Take a look at three benefits.

Benefit #1: Save Your Home and Belongings from Damage

Humidity can wreak havoc on your home and your belongings. It can warp wood, damage paint and wallpaper, destroy artwork, and cause mold to start growing. A dehumidifier can prevent damage by bringing the relative humidity down to an acceptable level where it won’t cause harm inside your home.

Benefit #2: Make Your Home Feel Cooler

When the humidity in your home is too high, it can make your home feel warmer than it is. Reducing the amount of moisture in the air will make the air feel cooler. This means your home is more comfortable while you use less AC, which equals savings on your energy bills during the hot months of summer.

Benefit #3: You’ll Feel Better

Lower humidity is about more than just a comfortable house – it can make you feel better physically. When there is excess moisture in the air, allergens are more prevalent. If you suffer from allergies, even mildly, you will feel better with less humidity and reduced airborne allergens to trigger your symptoms.

If you’re on the fence about incorporating a whole-home dehumidifier into your heating and air conditioning system, it’s time to reconsider. Let the team at G+S Heating Air Energy Services fill you in on even more benefits. Contact them today for more information and a free estimate.

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