4 Things You Need to Know about Commercial HVAC Regulations

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With the new year comes new commercial HVAC regulations, and you don’t have to be an HVAC company for them to impact you and your business. Here are four things business owners need to know about commercial HVAC regulations in 2023.

#1: New DOE Standards

The DOE, or Department of Energy, has new efficiency standards for 2023 for all commercial air conditioners and heat pumps. The goal is to reduce consumer energy use across the board in the United States. Introducing these stricter standards will help achieve that goal.

#2: The Reason for the Change

2023 is the year for updated energy use standards and HVAC regulations because the DOE reassesses efficiency requirements every six years, updating requirements and testing standards.

#3: What the Changes Include

As of January 1, 2023, commercial HVAC equipment must be 15% more energy efficient than previously required with the 2018 requirements. That means an energy efficiency increase of 30% during both phases of the rollout.

#4: How it Impacts Your Business

Unless you own a commercial HVAC company, the new HVAC regulations won’t have much impact on your company or daily operations. They will come into play when you purchase and install a new system, including air conditioning, heat pump, or both. Only units manufactured with the higher efficiency ratings will be available. While this might sound like a hit to your budget, the long-term benefits include reduced energy use leading to lower energy bills.

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