4 Signs Your HVAC Is Crying for Help

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Your heating and air conditioning system might be crying for help. If you’re not sure if there are any issues with your HVAC system, there are some telltale signs to look out for. Here are four signs your system could have some issues.

1: Your Energy Bills Keep Going Up

How are your energy bills looking lately? Are they higher than they were at this time last year? If you’ve noticed an upward swing in the “amount due” column each month, it could be a sign your HVAC system isn’t working as it should.

2: You Hear Things That Go Bump in the Night

Are there odd noises coming from your furnace? Any strange sounds coming from your air conditioner? Your system should run relatively quietly. If you hear noises such as bangs, screeches, or pops, it’s not a good sign. Any strange noises mean your system could be in trouble.

3: Turning on and off Frequently

If your HVAC system seems to turn on and off more frequently than it should, that’s a problem. It’s called short-cycling, and it could indicate an issue that requires repair. It can take a toll on your heating and air conditioning equipment, so don’t wait if you notice it.

4: Inconsistent Temperature

Does your home feel cold in some spots and hot in others? There are many potential reasons for inconsistent temperatures, but they’re a sign that your HVAC system could need service or repair.

If your heating and air conditioning system is crying out for help, don’t ignore its pleas. Contact the reliable professionals at G+S Heating Air Energy Services today for service and repair you can count on.

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