4 Common Commercial Air Conditioner Issues You Need to Know About

You count on your commercial air conditioning to keep your employees and customers safe and comfortable during the warm months of the year. However, when it isn't working as it should, everyone suffers the consequences, and so does your business reputation. If your commercial HVAC malfunctions, you need to find a solution quickly. But what could the problem be?

Keep reading to explore four common commercial air conditioning issues and how to find HVAC services that will fix the problem and keep your business cool.

#1: Lack of Cool Air

When your commercial HVAC quits producing cool air, you know you have a problem on your hands. Too little refrigerant—the liquid that removes heat and creates cool air—is one of the most common HVAC issues business owners face in the summer. Without sufficient refrigerant, the equipment cannot cool the air effectively. Recharging or refilling the liquid will typically be enough to help the HVAC produce cool air again.

#2: Inefficiency

An inefficient commercial HVAC may be to blame if you've noticed a sudden spike in your energy bills. Inefficiency results in a system that must work too hard to maintain the temperature setting on your thermostat. A professional technician can evaluate the air conditioner and offer a solution.

#3: Poor Air Quality

When the indoor air quality in your business is declining, it may be time to clean or replace the air filters. Increased sneezing and high humidity are two red flags your system requires attention from a professional.

#4: Strange Noises

Is your commercial HVAC making strange noises? Banging, rattling, or screeching noises are not normal and can be signs of trouble. Components may require lubrication, or there could be another issue brewing that can decrease your system's performance. Not sure what’s going on with your business’s HVAC? Our commercial HVAC experts can help you diagnose the problem and provide a long-lasting solution. Contact G+S Heating and Air today to request an estimate for commercial air conditioning repair or maintenance.

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