3 Ways to Save Money While Heating Your Home

Save energy

Do you want to save money on heat this winter? Is your goal also to save energy? You can do both without sacrificing comfort. Here are three ways to spend less while still heating your home this winter.

#1: Start by Changing Your Air Filter

This might seem too simple to be helpful but changing your air filter can help you save money on heat. A dirty or clogged filter prevents proper airflow to your HVAC system and makes the heating system work harder than it should to function. A clean air filter will help your furnace keep you warm while using less energy and costing you less on your monthly bills.

#2: Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you’re still relying on an older model thermostat, you’re throwing money away while heating your home. Even older programmable thermostats aren’t as energy efficient as newer technology. A smart programmable upgrade can help you keep your home as cozy as you want while helping you use less energy with settings that allow for lifestyle preferences and managing the temperature from anywhere in the house or the world with the WIFI connection.

#3: Turn on Your Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan when it’s cold out? Though that may sound crazy, it can help save you money. By changing the fan’s direction to clockwise, you can help push the warm air back down into the room. This circulation of the warm air will help your home feel warmer without bumping up the temperature on the thermostat. You’ll stay comfortable while saving money.

Cooler weather doesn’t have to mean skyrocketing energy bills. With some small changes, you can save money on heat inside as the temperatures drop outside. Contact G+S Heating and Air to learn more about how to make your HVAC system more energy efficient this winter.

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