3 Ways to Keep Office Temperatures Consistent

Commercial services are essential for any workplace HVAC system, but other measures can help maintain consistent temperatures.

Some office issues warrant an immediate call for commercial services, but in other cases, the right steps begin with your staff.

Whether your workplace never seems to be the proper temperature or your employees squabble over the thermostat, there are ways to keep your commercial environment consistent

Avoid Commercial HVAC Obstructions

Sometimes, a worker who doesn’t enjoy being too close to an air vent might choose to block it with something. Obstructed air won’t just vanish, however. When this happens, the air will end up elsewhere, creating inconsistent temperatures throughout the workplace.

Upgrade Your Industrial Thermostat

Not only are newer thermostats more effective (and efficient), but they also allow you to program your heating or cooling schedule ahead of time. This takes control out of your workers' hands, which will reduce the fighting — as well as the inconsistency caused by frequent changes to temperature settings.

Get the Commercial Ductwork Checked

If you're noticing temperatures that don't seem to match up throughout the office, you could be dealing with a case of leaky ductwork. Cracks in ducts allow air to seep out, creating inconsistencies from room to room. Additionally, leaky ducts are also a costly waste of energy — the air you're paying to cool or heat could end up anywhere, including outside the building.

At G+S Heating Air Energy Services, we can handle everything from duct inspections to routine maintenance. To learn more about how our commercial services can help you maintain a more comfortable office for your staff, reach out today.

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