3 Ways to Help Keep Your Employees Healthier This Winter

Want to cut down on employee sick days this winter? Commercial services, to the rescue!

What do commercial services and sick days have in common? If you rely on one, you’ll cut down on the other. It’s hard to believe, but the heating and cooling system at your business could be impacting the health of your staff. Here are three ways to help keep your employees healthier this winter:

#1: Keep Those Indoor Temperatures Consistent

Temperatures that go up and down are not only annoying, but they can also contribute to increased sickness in your workforce. This is especially true in the winter. Temperature fluctuations can make it easier for you to get sick, and it can make that sickness worse and harder to kick. Having the commercial HVAC system in your business maintained twice a year can help keep it running effectively, so the indoor temperature stays more consistent. Consistent temps can mean happier and more productive employees.

#2: Reduce Air Pollutants

Upgrading your HVAC system to include an air filtration system can help cut down on employee sick days. The right filtration device can cut down on indoor air pollutants by 99%. This includes things like chemicals and cleaning fumes, mold and mildew, and other potential irritants that can exacerbate illness this winter.

#3: Keep Viruses at Bay

Cool, dry weather is the ideal environment for winter viruses. Keeping them at bay will help keep your employees healthier this winter. One way to do this is by adding humidity to your indoor air. When you manage the relative humidity with a commercial system that includes humidification, you’ll have fewer viruses floating around in your building, and fewer staff members calling in for sick days.

Want more information on cutting down on sick time? The experts on the commercial services team at G+S have the info you need to help your employees stay healthier this winter. Contact us now!

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