3 Undeniable Signs You Need your HVAC Unit Inspected this Winter

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The weather is chilly, and your heating system runs regularly, but do you have the maintenance agreement you need? It’s possible your system isn’t running as it should or that small issues are lurking inside that could become costly problems. Take a look at three undeniable signs your need your HVAC unit inspected this winter.

#1: Inconsistent Temperatures

Do you feel like you need to frequently adjust your thermostat to keep your home at the right temperature? Inconsistent heating is a sign there could be something amiss in your furnace or heating system and is a sign an inspection is a good idea.

#2: Energy Bills Going Up

If your energy bills are higher than normal or higher than the same time last year, it could be a sign of an issue in the system. An HVAC inspection can find the root cause of excessive energy use and get your heat back on track.

#3: Frequent On-Off Cycling

If you’ve noticed that your heat turns on and off frequently, that’s not a good sign. It could be an indicator of several different potential issues. An HVAC inspection can help determine the cause of the frequent cycling and your HVAC technician can make the repairs.

Having your heating and cooling systems inspected regularly can help keep them running effectively and efficiently through both winter and summer. If you notice some signs that indicate an inspection is in order, the first thing to do is contact the experts at G+S Heating Air Energy Services to get set up on the right maintenance plan to help keep you warm all winter.

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