3 Proactive Steps You Can Take to Prepare for Your Spring Maintenance Visit

If you haven't turned on your air conditioner yet, you will soon. Will it be ready for the summer heat? Find out why you need a maintenance agreement.

With temperatures on the rise, it's time to think about summer, and your HVAC maintenance agreement. If you don’t have preventative maintenance in place, will your HVAC provide you respite from the heat or will you break a sweat trying to figure it out on your own?

Why You Need to Schedule Preventative Maintenance

If you've ever needed an emergency service call, you may have wished you'd had a maintenance agreement. Preventive maintenance reduces the headache and hassle of repairs. Ideally, you should schedule preventive maintenance before the season begins. As part of your plan, a technician will put the system through rigorous testing and inspect all components. Then your HVAC is ready when you are.

Maintenance Agreements Make All the Difference

Having your system inspected on a regular basis can reduce costly and unpredictable repairs. Maintenance agreements include an annual preventive inspection. Once you have the first maintenance visit, it's easy to add future reminders to your calendar. Keep in mind that once the season begins, demand increases. If you can schedule your appointment before it warms up, then you'll be ahead of the curve.

A Professional Eye Watching for HVAC Problems

While things can always go wrong, a technician has already been out to check the system. With a maintenance agreement, it means that you get priority scheduling and a discount on any necessary repairs. The maintenance agreement is a safety net. The goal is to get your system back up and running fast, without breaking the bank.

maintenance agreement is great even if you intend to move soon. While you can't take it with you, you can transfer your service agreement to new owners if you sell your home. For fast reliable service or to arrange your pre-season check, connect with our professionals at G+S.

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