3 Planning Tips for Switching from Heat to Air Conditioning


What’s the big deal about going from furnace to AC? Here’s how to treat your heating and air conditioning right.

Believe it or not, your heating and air conditioning system requires regular care to stay in optimal working condition. Much like your car needs periodic oil changes, your air conditioner’s coolant level needs a yearly check-up. Likewise, furnaces require annual cleaning and inspection to stay safe and efficient. As the spring weather warms up, keep in mind these three planning tips for switching from heat to air conditioning:

  1. Change your air filters when you are switching from heat to air conditioning. Most homeowners don’t change their filters frequently enough, so use this occasion as a good reason to do just that. Choose air filters that are high quality but not too thick. Heavy duty filters will make your HVAC equipment work harder to maintain your home’s temperature.
  2. While you are fiddling with the air filters, grab your vacuum brush hose and clean your vents. They build up a static charge and debris sticks to them like glue. This quick chore can remove a lot of dust and dirt from your home’s air supply.
  3. Ask your HVAC professional to service your heating and air conditioning equipment. When you invest in routine inspections and maintenance tasks, you add many years of life to your home's HVAC system.

G+S Can Help You Make the Switch

Your family deserves the best heating and air conditioning service you can find. When you are ready to bring in the trusted HVAC company in the Kannapolis area, contact our team at G+S Heating Air Energy Services. Contact us now for fast, friendly, and reliable heating and air conditioning service.

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