3 Office Indoor Air Quality Tips to Keep Allergies at Bay

Which commercial services for heating and cooling protect your workers’ health?

Commercial services for heating and cooling differ from those for residences. Business owners have more to consider than most homeowners. Adhering to industry regulations and ensuring work environments are safe for employees are high priorities, and you often need special equipment to get those jobs done. Here are three ways a qualified HVAC company can help:

1. Invest in Humidity Control

The moisture content of the air has a surprising impact on health. Too much moisture can lead to allergy-triggering mold growth. Too little moisture can dry out sinuses, making it easier for allergens and viruses to enter the body.

2. Improve Air Quality

Hay fever isn’t the only allergy to worry about. There are products inside your office capable of making people sick. You won’t know what is in your indoor air without a quality test. An Air Quality Audit helps determine what contaminants are in the air so you can solve the problem before you run into expensive liabilities.

3. Enroll in a Commercial Maintenance Plan

There are special commercial maintenance programs aimed at meeting the needs of today's business owners. They include excellent pricing on repairs and replacements and service perks. More importantly, at G + S, we customize your maintenance plan to meet the needs of your business. A well-functioning system won't just perform at top level. It will prevent pollen and other allergens from polluting your indoor air.

Get a head start on creating a healthy work environment today by scheduling G + S commercial services.

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