3 Foolproof Tips for Driving Down Energy Costs

What’s the best way to control your heating and air conditioning costs? Here are the tips you need to know.   

Lower your heating and air conditioning bills without sacrificing comfort. It’s possible when you have the right G + S on your side and expert tips to guide you. Let’s explore how you can cut energy costs while keeping your home’s climate control right where it needs to be. 

 Follow These 3 Simple Tips and Watch Your Bills Shrink 

1) Use Your Programmable Thermostat Features 

 Even older homes often have a Programmable Thermostat, though newer models are much easier to use. If you have an older unit, check online for a user manual. Set it roughly four degrees lower at night than during the day. The floor and walls will retain the cold and help to keep the temperature down all day. 

 If the programming process is too complicated, consider replacing your thermostat with a newer digital model. Many are Wi-Fi capable, allowing you to adjust the temperature from anywhere on your smartphone. Others have comprehensive predictive features, tracking factors such as weather conditions and whether or not people are in your home in order to arrive at the “perfect” temperature. 

 2) Invest in Humidity Control 

North Carolina summers are notorious for sticky, searing conditions as high temperatures and high humidity combine to create a piping hot serving of atmosphere soup. More moisture in the air makes you feel warmer than you usually would, so less moisture must do the opposite, right? HVAC experts realize humidity control can give your heating and cooling a boost without blowing your budget. Talk with a qualified technician about the best way to upgrade your system. 

 3) Perform Preventive Maintenance  

The more resistance cool air faces as it moves from room to room, the more fuel your air conditioner burns. This drives up your bills. In order to pay as little as possible to be comfortable, you need to keep your HVAC system clean and your airflow unrestricted. Seasonal checkups are perfect for that job, as are regular filter changes. Schedule an appointment today and reduce your heating and air conditioning costs all year by following these simple tips to improve efficiency. Connect With Our Team at G+S online now to get started.

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