2 Truths About Changing Furnace Filters in The Winter

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Have you talked to the energy services pros at your HVAC company about your air filters? The team at G+S has some truths about changing your furnace filters in the winter. Take a look at the two they feel most strongly about.

Truth #1: Clean Air Filters are Critical

It’s essential to have clean air filters on your HVAC system. Do you know what your furnace filter does for you in the winter? These are just a few of the benefits:

  • Increases energy efficiency by making it easier for your furnace to pull in air
  • Improves indoor air quality by trapping many airborne particles before they can circulate through your vents and home
  • Reduces allergy symptoms by lowering dust, pollen, and dander in your air
  • Extends the life of your furnace by preventing excessive wear and tear due to dust, dirt, and debris in the equipment that occurs when the air filter is dirty

Truth #2: Changing the Filter is Easy

Many homeowners put off changing their filters because they think it’s complicated. With most systems, changing the filter is as easy as sliding out the old one and sliding a new one in its place. Changing them every three months is ideal, though changing them more often in homes with pets is beneficial.

Changing the air filters on your furnace this winter is easy and can keep improve your indoor air and keep your furnace running longer and stronger. For more information on the right filter for your HVAC system, contact the energy services experts at G+S Heating Air Energy Services.

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