2 Tips for Staying Healthy while Combatting Stale Air

Is your heating and air conditioning making you sick?

Heating and air conditioning are necessary to keep your home comfy. You want them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which makes HVAC kind of a necessity. But could all of that comfort be making you sick? Here are two tips for staying healthy while combatting stale air, without giving up your heating and cooling:

Tip #1: You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Air Quality

Staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer often means sealing up your house to keep all of that temperature-controlled air in and the outside air out. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice air quality. Here are some options for cleaner air:

  • Change your filter regularly to prevent clogging and to get the most out of your filter
  • Invest in an air filtration system to help pull pollutants out of the air that are too small for your HVAC filter to catch
  • Install a humidifier to help make your indoor air more comfortable and to reduce bacteria and viruses that thrive in cool, dry winter air
  • Install a dehumidifier to help make your air feel cooler in the summer and to cut down on the chance for mold and mildew to develop in your home

Tip #2: Trust the Professionals

A dependable HVAC company with expert technicians can help you find the best ways to achieve cleaner indoor air and better health year-round. Whether that’s scheduling regular maintenance to tune-up your heating and cooling system, installing the right accessories and add-ons to get the most out of your system, or conducting an indoor air quality test to see where you can make improvements, they’re your go-to for better air.

To stay healthier, combat stale air, and improve your indoor air quality, reach out to the pros at G+S Heating, Air, and Energy Services for all the heating and air conditioning information you need.

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