2 Dumb Things That You Do with Your Thermostat That Cost You Money

Our energy services experts want you to know what not to do with your heating and cooling system. We all do a lot of dumb things when trying to keep our homes comfortable, and that includes how we manage our thermostat. It’s not because we’re dumb, we just aren’t paying attention. Here are two common things people do with their thermostats that could be costing them money.

#1: Pushing it Too Far for Speedy Heat or Cooling

Do you want to make your house warmer or cooler fast? Maybe you just came inside, you’re freezing, and your house isn’t quite warm enough. It’s easy to bump the thermostat up a few degrees to warm your home up faster. Doing that will actually cost you more money on your energy bill and won’t result in faster heating. Your system can’t work faster just because you bump the temperature. You’ll only end up with higher utility bills.

#2: Up, Down, Up, Down

Constantly messing with the thermostat’s temperature is a great way to have an inefficient HVAC system and inconsistent temperatures. You don’t want to set it and forget it, but manually changing the temperature setting throughout the day reduces the efficiency of your system. The constant turning on and off uses more energy and puts extra wear and tear on your heating and air conditioning.

There are smart ways to use your thermostat and your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable and help you use less energy. Talk to the pros at G+S Heating Air Energy Services for more tips on how you can save money using your thermostat wisely.

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